Beere Brewing A Great North Vancouver Find

As part of our North Vancouver Brewery District Tour last weekend, we visited the lovely Beere Brewing, yes that is the correct spelling, for a round of their finest beers. Open since 2017 this is a family-run operation by Matt and Craig Beere.  

We drank Legit Snack, Jog On, Pinky Tuscadero, and Go Easy Pale Ale from their menu.

Legit Snack

Legit Snack is a Double Dry Hopped IPA with El Dorado, Cashmere, and Citra hops and alcohol content of 6.5%. The brewery describes it as having notes of pineapples fresh mangoes, and creamy oats.

This beer to me follows along on the trend of hoppy IPA’s, Hazy IPA’s and Cloudy beers that have become all the rage. There is serious merit in them for me in small doses and what I like to see in a brewery is some variety.

This beer reminds me a lot of Steamworks Flagship IPA which uses Mosaic, Galaxy, and Citra hops.

This beer reminds me a lot of Steamworks Flagship IPA which uses Mosaic, Galaxy, and Citra hops.

Jog On

Jog On is Beere’s light and florally mild English pale ale. English Pale Ale’s and Bitters share a lot of commonalities and this beer could be enjoyed year round.

Jog On is also English slang for Go Away! in British English which makes me love it even more.

I see this beer as a perfect balance to the IPA’s, Sour’s and Double IPA’s that dominate the menu here as well. 

Dry Hopping

One thing that stands out with Beere’s style of brewing is their use of Dry Hopping a process that I asked the owner about and that he confided is something that they love to do.

It’s consistently used in American Pale Ales and American IPA’s with the idea being that you add hop flavor and aromatics into your beer.

Pinky Tuscadero

I tried Pinky purely on its name. I’m not a huge fan of the Sour movement that has become a huge part of the Craft Beer scene in B.C.

Sour’s themselves are not a new style. Sour beer is a beer that has an intentionally acidic, tart, or sour taste. Traditional sour beer styles include Belgian lambics, gueuze, and Flanders red ale as well as German Gose’s.

Pinky is conditioned on a whole pile of raspberries and lemons. It does evoke that taste of a raspberry lemonade on a hot day which I can dig so I shouldn’t let that bias me against some sours which I have found truly awful.  

Go Easy Pale Ale.

This is a dry hopped Pale Ale that to me makes a good cousin to Jog On.

Beere says this beer has notes of mango, orange peel, fresh wildflowers, and ripe nectarine. It has an orange, slightly hazy appearance of course!