Coffee Roundup Fall 2021

As we move into the fall of 2021 and the weather gets cooler and cooler, there is nothing better than warming up with a great cup of coffee.

We’ve put together another Coffee Review that should help you make some choices that suit your tastes and needs.

Ethiopia Chelbesa

The first on our list was an October purchase of the Ethiopia Chelbesa from JJ Bean Coffee Roasters. I will try to buy at least a couple of coffee’s like this in a year but you always know what you get with Ethiopian coffees in terms of flavour and taste.

This coffee was actually best in a stovetop espresso versus a French Press or drip machine. As JJ Bean describes its flavour profile, they are one of “Peach, aromatic, and tea florals.” I would agree and I find coffees like this are best as cooled and then iced in the fridge for hot weather.

JJ Bean also uses a bean variety here that is called Indigenous Heirloom. A quick internet search and I found that such a variety is one that grows wild and occurs spontaneously. It is often used to refer to Ethiopian coffee varieties. Good to know.

One interesting thing to note is the region the coffee is from which is Yirgacheffe. It must by why I found this coffee familiar to me because I have always search for an Yirgacheffe type blend from different roasters.

Caffe Monte Cafe Tarrazu Costa Rica

Caffe Monte Cafe Tarrazu Costa Rica is a company and a coffee I have never tried before at comes from me visiting Roaster Central at Espressotec.

I first tried Costa Rican coffee in 2006 when I visited the country itself but did not make it to the province of San Jose where this coffee originates.

This is a single-origin coffee with tasting notes of citrus, berries and a medium light roast level.

It’s grown at 1,211 metres above sea level and craft-roasted at 3,800 feet in small batches.

It’s a solid light roast coffee that is easy to drink and works great in a drip coffee machine.

Detour Coffee Roasters Dark

Detour is a new coffee company for us at least and we found this one again through Roaster Central at Espressotec.

Detour says this is not a dark coffee in the traditional sense and I get that from both the taste and aroma. It doesn’t sit heavy on the tongue like something from Strait Coffee Traders like the Skookum Blend and it seems to be a coffee for someone who might like the lighter roast of the Costa Rica Tarrazu we mentioned.

Read a little deeper into this coffee and you find that it has a number of varietal beans grown at various altitudes and from three different countries in Brazil, Colombia, and Guatemala. It seems like a multi region blend but still has the flavour profile from Latin America coffees.

I sense an acidity here and body that isn’t as dark as you think it should be.

Spicy Viennese Coffee

Spicy Viennese Coffee isn’t a particular brew or brand of beans that I bought but rather a recipe for coffee as a way to be prepared.

The recipe was found in a book I have called the Coffee Book which looks to be long out of print.

It uses spices such as cinnamon, cloves and allspice. The spices are added to the coffee which is placed in a pot and heated slowly on the stove.

I always strain it so that I get the cloves out of the coffee but I leave in the cinnamon and allspice. The recipe can also be varied and I top the coffee with a sprinkle of cinnamon and whipped cream.

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