Rebuild Your Business in British Columbia

With the COVID-19 pandemic now in play for over a year businesses in British Columbia continue to adapt to face the challenges brought on by the pandemic.

The YouTube video below explains the current program, how it works, and how small and medium size business can qualify. 

Abel Marketing Can Help.

If you are a small business trades or contractor located in the Province of British Columbia that needs help pivoting and adapting to the marketplace and recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic we may be able to help.

Use The B.C. Business Recovery Grant Funding To Hire Us!

Working with a B.C. Based Marketing Service like Abel Marketing can help you access those funds or use them to help pivot your business in the wake of COVID-19. Perhaps you have no idea how to market your trades or contracting business or don’t have time.

What the Province of B.C. Says Before You Apply

Before you begin, confirm your business meets the eligibility criteria and you have the required documents.

Businesses need to show a 30% revenue loss from March 2020 compared to the same one month period for 2019 as one of the main qualifications for the receiving the grant. The (70%) drop in revenue over the same period was removed.  

These are non repayable government grants for business in BC and all eligible small and medium sized businesses for up to 30,000.

Why Choose Us?

Under this program you can hire a contractor like Abel Marketing to help with your business.We do marketing strategy, copywriting and social media.

How does that help? It helps you learn about your target audience, why your customers hire you, how you can reach them so that you build a long term business relationship with them.

We’ve partnered with Small Business Qualified Service Providers as well. This must be one of a Bookkeeper (Canadian Institute of BookKeeping), Certified Financial Planner, Practicing Lawyer (Good standing with Law Society of BC), Chartered Professional Accountant ( Good Standing WIth CPA of BC).

This step is crucial in your application and for ensuring that you receive this money which is a non repayable grant not a loan. 

Fill out the contact form below and get in touch with us about B.C. Business Recovery Grant Funding. It’s set to expire July 2nd, 2021 so you don’t want to miss out on this great opportunity!