Beatles Come Back With Get Back

The Peter Jackson movie Get Back is finally going to be released on November 25 2021 after being delayed by COVID-19.

The project revives the Beatles Let it Be Movie released in 1970 from the original footage shot by director Michael Lindsay-Hogg.

The original Beatles Get Back Sessions from early 1969 evolved into Let It Be the album and the film were shot at Twickenham Studios and Apple Records.  

Here the band is recording their 12th album which was to go back to their rock and roll roots without overdubbing or fancy studio trickery.

The highlight of the film was the rooftop concert the Beatles did on January 30, 1969 that showcased the songs they had been working on with keyboardist Billy Preston augmenting the bands sound.

The concert itself generated a huge buzz with the police telling the band to shutdown after they churned out over 40 minutes of songs including highlights like Get Back and Don’t Let Me Down.

The Jackson Documentary which will air on Disney Plus in three two hour segments, goes back through 55 hours of video and over 140 hours of audio from the original sessions. 

If anything the Jackson documentary attempts to dispel the myth that the sessions were not in anyway productive or amicable. 

The Let It Be Film which showed George Harrison and Paul McCartney arguing over song ideas as well as other parts of the footage gave us a sense the band was on the way out.

They were however able to produce the original Let It Be Recordings as well as a followup in Abbey Road.