Moving Beyond Pivoting Digital Marketing for 2022?

If the COVID-19 pandemic taught us anything is that it small businesses fought as hard as they could to stay afloat and adapt to a quickly changing landscape.

Now while the word pivot got old pretty fast, whatever term you want to use to describe a businesses need to stay alive one thing that will never be absent is the use of marketing tactics that help you connect with your target market.

Hyperlocal Marketing Returns

I’ve alluded to this in a previous post and in a recent piece in Forbes that I read the use of location based marketing can help drive customers to physical retail or store locations.

I would even go further to say that a business who uses Google My Business or has an online presence that is effectively marketed could also take advantage of the using the near me function in google.

The idea being that people will often use near me when looking for literally any service such as restaurants and grocery stores.

The Forbes article makes a great point thought that the search engine algorithm will often continue to bombard people who may have found you using near me searches with advertising that is similar to the one used in your business.

Content Promotion

Content promotion make seem like an obvious one but it really isn’t that obvious if you use social media and see how many small businesses are promoting what they do.

Take a quick surf on Facebook and see the ads that come up. Many business aren’t optimizing their ads to make things easy for buyers to get straight to the heart of their website or right to a purchase. That’s another blog post for another day.

Now sure that is a bit of a digression from content promotion itself because we know that for small businesses, having a business profile on Facebook, Instagram can help with driving traffic back to your website and to encourage potential customers to learn more about you and what you do.

That being said a social media profile like an Instagram is not a substitute for a website and a well designed one at that.

Social Media is great for promoting content and for attracting new customers and keep the attention of old ones who may return to buy again.