Star Wars The Mandalorian a long way from a galaxy far far away

Disney’s premier of the Mandalorian took the Star Wars universe in a new and gritty direction while maintaining many features of the Star Wars cannon that fans have come to know and love.

Set after the fall of the Empire but prior to the rise of the New Order we follow a Mandalorian Bounty Hunter as he navigates the Outer Rim.

Do you believe the hype?

With all the social media hype and trending topics on Twitter the Mandalorian had its hooks in me before the show dropped.

I was interested to see how with movies like Rogue One and Han Solo influenced the show with something less fantasy based than George Lucas’ original and prequel trilogies.

Put Captain Solo in the cargo hold

References to Star Wars movies including Attack of the Clones and the Empire Strikes Back stood out to me immediately. The Mandalorian character reminds me immediately of Jango Feet whose screen time in Clones was all that I knew about Mandalorians prior to future series such as Star Wars the Clone Wars cartoon which I viewed on Netflix.

We see references to the Empire Strike Back when the Mandalorian encases a bounty in carbonite loading him onto his ship with several other catches. We see the droid IG 11, which brings back flashbacks of IG 88, one of the bounty hunters present on Vader’s Star Destroyer as the Empire is searching for the Millennium Falcon.

All Look and No Feel?

I have focused more here on looking for aesthetic references to the Star Wars universe to understand what is happening with the Mandalorian. Thankfully we have the internet to allow me to do some research and come to a bit better understanding of what this series will be about.

The first episode surely is designed to setup this new or maybe not so new corner of the Star Wars Universe. It’s also meant to hook us into Disney’s new streaming service and get us to pay the 8.99 a month in Canada. Not sure I am quite convinced yet but we will have to see how the series and Disney’s service pans out.