JJ Bean Coffee Brazil Carmo Estate Showcases Minas Gerais Region of Brazil

Coffee purchased from JJ Bean is always a welcome treat in my home but I decided to step outside of my usual order of their popular Railtown in favour of their Carmo Estate.

Carmo Estate

The region of Carmo Estate itself does warrant a little research as I have mentioned before how the terroir of a coffee can have an effect on what ends up in your cup.

Brazil itself is the largest coffee producer in the world.

Coffee producers and specialty coffee companies are aware of the fact that lower grade Arabica and Robusta are often what comes from Brazil. This can lead to low acidity, earthy and chocolatey tones, and bitterness.

The downside is that these beans will and should end up in supermarket packaged coffee, blends to increase body, and espresso roasts to add crema rather than in high quality products where you pay a premium price.

JJ Bean opts always for the best which I was I drink their coffee.

Carmo Estate Region coffee’s are high quality Bourbson varietals that are clean, bright in acidity and chocolaty bitterness. It almost feels like Central American coffee.

Sip Slurp Taste Describe

The above headline is something I learned while working at Starbucks but it is a great way to taste any new coffee you are going to make.

When I try a new coffee I always brew in a French Press and then pour a small amount of black coffee without any cream or sugar into a cup. I then take a small sip or slurp and allow myself to get the full effect of what’s being offered.

I was immediately struck by how light and balanced Carmo Estate is and that it doesn’t leave a dark or lingering burnt aftertaste.

As always I used a French Press, then Cone Filter Drip Machine and Stovetop espresso maker to try this coffee. The Cone Filter really did it justice to be honest which isn’t my first choice to brew.

All in all I would give this coffee a solid seven out of ten. A nice simple light coffee with some interesting chocolatey characteristics. Definitely give this one a try and try it as an iced coffee.